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Our Story

Homegrown Fitness + Recovery began as Homegrown Fitness Studio in 2015, after Caitlyn decided to leave a company she felt wasn't serving their staff or customers honestly. Together, she and her husband, Josh, transformed their home into a private training studio, where Caitlyn continued offering personal training services to clients. During the 30-day remodel, Caitlyn coined the name Homegrown, reflecting the studio's private and homey atmosphere...without realizing it would ever evolve into what it is today!

After four years of growth, more space was needed, so Homegrown transitioned to a commercial location while retaining the intimate feel of the original studio. With Josh's remodeling and design expertise and Caitlyn's love for decor and functionality, they expanded Homegrown Fitness Studio to include gym memberships and additional services. Another expansion followed 1 year later, doubling the gym floor space and adding amenities like massage studios and showers...and again, a new name emerged, Homegrown Fitness.

As Caitlyn shifted focus away from personal training, her and Josh embarked on another remodel, this time transforming the private training studio space into a private boutique spa! With Caitlyn overseeing rebranding and staff training while Josh handled construction, they launched Homegrown Fitness + Recovery in January 2024. Their journey reflects a commitment to growth and innovation, fueled by the support of their team and community.

Through all of this change, it was most important to Caitlyn that every single person who walked through Homegrown's front door would always be met with kindness, integrity, and transparency. It's what Homegrown was built on and will always stand for. We hope to welcome YOU to our Homegrown Family, too!

Meet The Team


Piper Hina

Gym Bestie/Emotional Support Puppy

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