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Prep for Your Spa Visit

Refreshed man after spa use

Revitalize your body.

Rejuvenate your soul.

  • Hydrate! It’s recommended to drink 8 -16 oz of water (best with electrolytes!) shortly before, during, and after your spa visit.

  • Bring a swimsuit, an extra towel, a robe, and clean sandals. You’re also welcome to purchase a Homegrown robe, rent additional towels ($3 each), and go barefoot, too!

  • We provide 1 towel, 1 bathmat, and 1 plastic baggie for your wet swimsuit.

  • On your initial visit, please arrive 15 minutes prior to fill out an intake form and receive a tour of the spa facilities.

  • Please review our Spa Etiquette here and our Spa Contraindications here.

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